Droplet Guard - Face Protection

100% Cotton 3 Layer Nanotechnology

The desire to wear protective facemarks is growing and is law in many areas of the world during the Covid Pandemic and more of public figures are urging everyone to wear face coverings in public in an effort to slow the spread of illness.


The 3-layer 100% cotton face masks help filter the air and guard against droplets that enter/leave through your mouth and nose, which may reduce the chance of spreading airborne and droplet illnesses. Droplet Guard Masks are machine washable up to 100 times. The outer layer uses cotton nanotechnology for ultra water resistance, and the inner layers are breathable and moisture-wicking cotton muslin cloth.

Also due to growing demand we now stock the KN95 Filter mask 

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Adult & Child Sizes Available





Up to 100 Washes



UK Stock

Very Limited Stock of Medium & Small Masks • Other Items Back In Stock Soon
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Frequently Asked Questions

How are DropletGuard masks superior to other masks on the market?

Nanotech Cotton outer layer for water resistance.

Muslin Cotton inner layers for minimal interior moisture.

Low-profile, sleek pattern design that hugs the face and isn’t bulky.

Soft, comfortable mask that is completely washable.


How should I choose the proper size?

Adult Males should choose the male size

Females and male teenagers under the age of 16 should choose the women’s size

Children 3-9 yrs old should choose our children size. Our masks are not recommended for children under 2 years of age.


How should I care for my mask?

Wash in cold water on a delicate cycle to preserve the nanotechnology properties for as many washes as possible.

If you experience any odor we suggest using a cup of vinegar, peroxide, or an over the counter product such as Lysol Laundry Sanitizer.

Are these masks made by 3D

No, these are an independent manufacturer