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Make up Tutorials

Welcome to our specialised corner for makeup tutorials and services, presented by the exceptional Zara. Zara comes with extensive experience, having served as a makeup artist for high-end establishments such as Chanel Boutiques, Harrods, and Harvey Nichols. Further, her exposure extends to esteemed brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, Bare Minerals, and Llamasqua, enriching her skills and depth in the field.


Zara's professional journey includes extensive training at both the Chanel and L’Oréal academies, as well as 8 robust years of providing makeup for the performing arts.


Our offerings include bespoke tutorials where you can learn expert techniques and understand your personal face chart. Alongside these tutorials, Zara extends her services to cater to a variety of makeup needs. Whether you're a bride-to-be seeking the perfect look, someone prepping for a glamorous red carpet event, or someone in search of anti-ageing and mature makeup or even the popular 'no-makeup' look, Zara can adeptly address and meet your needs.


Book your appointment with Zara and you will find the perfect blend of tutorial and practical services to suit your makeup needs. Let the experienced and dedicated Zara guide you through the transformative power of makeup.

Zara make up

Make Up Tutorial

1-2-1 lesson for 1-2hrs £50 an hour

(inc. clients can bring their makeup and brushes and according to their lifestyle, skin, age and needs, will be advised exactly what makeup and brushes you will need and what to avoid along with Skincare Advice) 

Make Up Packages

  • Every day, natural make-up look that enhances your features -£35

  • No make-up look'- £40

  • Camouflage Make up( inc. hiding the imperfections and contouring from Neck above) - £45

  • Anti-ageing and Mature make-up -£50

  • Glam evening look -£45

  • Bridal makeup -£70

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Text/Whatsapp/Call • 07539466784

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