Build Credit Towards Any Future Treatments • Cancel At Anytime

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3D Lipo Subscription Club

If you are thinking about having treatments but do not want the initial outlay or do not want to apply for credit we have made it so easy for you by joining our subscription service.

Pay an amount you choose, £25, £50 or £100 and pay that weekly or monthly and build up credit to use.


Thinking of starting a cavitation course in 12 weeks, set up a subscription of £25 a week and by the time you start you will already have £300, keep the subscription going and top up when you have treatments and ongoing 'touch ups' 

Thinking about having non surgical treatments and want to save up? Using our payment plan is a great way to do it by paying a subscription and paying a sum weekly or monthly of £25, £50 or £100 and then using what you have paid towards the treatment you desire.

* Can not be used against social media flash sales 

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